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ION – The Harbour is a Michelin star restaurant which is currently lead by two Michelin star chef Alex Dilling.

Situated on the stunning rooftop of Iniala Harbour House, ION – The Harbour offers a unique dining experience that ventures beyond the usual boundaries of fine dining.


Alex Dilling

Following the resounding success of his summer pop up, Alex Dilling stays on as Executive Chef at ION The Harbour. Brought up surrounded by traditional French cooking, Alex owes his love of fine dining to his early years working for Alain Ducasse. Alex started his career in London and then moved to New York to work for Alain Ducasse under the direction of Didier Elena and Tony Esnault at Adour, NYC. He then joined Caviar Russe in Manhattan, where he gained their first Michelin star. He moved back to London and worked as the Executive Corporate Chef at The Connaught Hotel, where he helped maintain their two Michelin stars. Alex then took the opportunity to become the Executive Chef at The Greenhouse in London, also maintaining their two Michelin stars.


Seumas Smith

Executive Chef, Seumas Smith, brings his exceptional talent and diverse experience to Iniala Harbour House, Malta.Beginning his culinary career at the age of 16 in his hometown in Scotland, Seumas has since had the opportunity to work alongside many renowned chefs at various award-winning restaurants in England and Singapore. After being responsible for all things culinary at Iniala Beach House in Thailand, he moved to Malta with Iniala where he is now working alongside Chef Alex Dilling where he has worked hard to put together a dream team that is taking the Malta food scene to unprecedented levels.

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